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Retrospective Techniques

Start, Stop, Continue

If you want action-oriented feedback, then this is a great format for your agile team.

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What Went Well

What Went Well? What Didn't Go Well? is a basic retrospective technique that focuses on your team's strengths and weaknesses.

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Mad, Sad, Glad

This retrospective template is a great way to check the emotional pulse of your agile team

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Lean Coffee™

A Lean Coffee retrospective can help your team gather and build an agenda for your team’s meeting.

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Team Radar

This type of retrospective helps teams narrow down the focus of a retrospective and easily see areas of agreement or disagreement.

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4Ls is a popular, frequently used technique that is simple to set up for the facilitator and easy to understand for the participants.

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Wishes, Risks, Appreciations, Puzzles

Wishes, Risks, Appreciations, Puzzles - This retrospective technique can uncover hidden concerns and helps teams examine a sprint from multiple perspectives.

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A sailboat retrospective can illuminate all the things that are helping and hindering your scrum team.

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A starfish retrospective is named for its five points, where teams can articulate what to start doing, stop doing, keep doing, do more of, and do less of.

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Scrum & Agile Team Templates

Sprint Goal
Sticky Note Retrospective

This is a great template if your team wants to identify ways you can better meet your sprint goals and set new ones.

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Product Goal
Team Radar Retrospective

Product Goal Template helps your team evaluate if the goal you have created is the best fit for the upcoming sprint.

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Remote Work Happiness Team Radar Retrospective

Help remote teams measure their happiness and identify challenges with these five common topics.

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