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Thousands of agile businesses trust Retrium as the engine for actionable team learning.

With industry-tested retrospective templates, agile teams will always have a fun and engaging meeting.

Why companies choose Retrium for their retrospectives

Agile is not just a methodology. Agile is the way that smart companies conduct business today. They know that learning quickly and turning ideas into action are necessary in a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex world. In order to go agile, think agile, or be agile, the focus of your business must be on the actionable learning that creates continuous improvement. The most effective driver of that continuous improvement, and ultimately, your company’s success, is the retrospective.

Retrospectives are often time-consuming to prepare, expensive to conduct, not easily understood, and not focused on the right conversations. It can feel easier to skip them than to do them the right way. Yet, not doing retrospectives consistently only stunts the learning and opportunities for your business.

If retrospectives fuel success, but your retrospectives are not as effective as they could be (or worse, nonexistent), Retrium can get your team get on the path to actionable learning. Our product ensures that every team is able to run an engaging and safe meetings that focus on follow through and allow everyone to participate as an equal. Retrium will transform your retrospectives, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the success stories of our customers.

Stories from agile companies

See Kat's Story

"Retrium takes out the friction really. And with the friction gone, then it means you're not going to miss a retro just because you can't quite be bothered setting up for it."

See Marc's story

"Retrospectives are the core of agile because they help teams inspect and adapt."

See Matías's Story

"This was the top-voted question, and yet something I normally would not have gotten raised had it not been for Retrium. :)"

See Rob's Story

"All the students wanted to do was check off the boxes next to the actions, so it really motivated them to get things done."

See Chris's Story

"Retrium was so easy to adopt, and it's also a fun tool to use. It's the best way to get feedback from everyone, not just those that talk the most."

See Judy's Story

"Retrium was so intuitive that it was obvious to everyone exactly what it was and what they were supposed to do."

See Brian's Story

"The value was obvious from the very first use. You don't have to wait 6 months or a year to see a return on investment."

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