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Customer Stories

Learn how some of our customers have used Retrium to run better retrospectives.

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Mandy Ross

Mandy Ross

Director of Agile Practices

We will never go back to using anything else for retrospectives. Retrium is fundamental to who we are at Sococo. It's transformed the whole team, and there's no reason for us to ever look at anything else. I would even use it if we were co-located because it's that effective and powerful. The product is perfect, and I'm always telling people about it and fangirling out!

Stories from agile companies

Retrium scratched an itch I didn't know was there. It gave me and the team fantastic insights that we never would have gotten otherwise, and we continue to gain new insights every time we use it.
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Retrium has three huge benefits: it saves us time, it allows the team to be more courageous and bring up topics that wouldn't normally come up, and it significantly increases our communication and credibility.
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The value was obvious from the very first use. You don't have to wait 6 months or a year to see a return on investment. The ROI is huge because Retrium doesn't cost much, but the benefits are immediate and evident.
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Retrium was so easy to adopt, and it's also a fun tool to use. It's the best way to get feedback from everyone, not just those that talk the most. I would recommend it for any team, even if they're co-located because of the clear and unfiltered feedback you receive.
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Before using Retrium, we had a 20% participation rate in our retrospectives. People on the phone weren’t speaking up, so we looked for a product to help us engage everyone on the team. Since using Retrium, I haven’t seen a retrospective that wasn’t close to 100% participation...
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Stories from agile coaches

We use Facebook for text-based interaction, so we needed something as simple as that. We tried out several tools, but they were much too complicated. Retrium was so intuitive that it was obvious to everyone exactly what they were supposed to do.
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Retrium is the only tool out there with the true flow and process of a retrospective. The other options are just trying to recreate a whiteboard online, and they don’t provide anywhere close to the value that Retrium does.
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