A toolbox of techniques

It's important to keep your retrospectives fresh and interesting. That's why Retrium supports a variety of facilitation techniques out of the box. 4Ls, Mad Sad Glad, Start Stop Continue, Lean Coffee™, and more are just one click away!

Brainstorm privately

Want your team to think outside the box? Then you need to give the individuals on your team time to generate ideas independently before coming together as a group. Use Retrium's private brainstorming to overcome group-think and stimulate innovative thinking.

Group common ideas together

After brainstorming is over, it's important to group similar notes together into affinity themes. You'll get the chance to see what ideas were put on the board most frequently, plus your voting and discussion phases will be more focused.

Vote on the best ideas

Do you ever reach the end of your retrospective and still feel like you didn't discuss the most important ideas? If so, you need dot voting. Dot voting gives every member of your team the opportunity to vote on the ideas they want to discuss first.

Create an action plan to track your progress

By the end of every retrospective, your team should have concrete ideas on how it can improve. Create and track these ideas using Retrium's built-in action plan system.