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Create Your Own Format

You can customize your team’s retrospective from start to finish, so every meeting will be fun and engaging! Just start from scratch to create your own column names for a scrum retrospective that uses virtual sticky notes.

You can also determine the name and number of spokes for a team radar too. Any of our templates can be adjusted to how your team wants to brainstorm and collect information. This means that your team will always have a unique and meaningful sprint retrospective.

Guided Facilitation

The key to continuous improvement is learning, and the best way to uncover important insights is through a well-facilitated retrospective meeting. Agile thought leaders have outlined the five phases necessary for a powerful and productive team retrospective, and Retrium enables your team to follow these best practices. 

Our product will guide your team through every activity, so you can make the most of your time together. Whether you’re new to agile or an expert facilitator, Retrium will take your retrospectives to the next level.

Action Plans

While the personal connection and open communication of a retrospective should not be discounted, turning ideas into experiments and action items is an essential part of an effective retrospective meeting. Retrium has a robust action plan that your team can use to decide what to do and track follow-through. 

The action plan is always available in between meetings, so you’ll never lose track of important next steps. Your team can check off action items at any point in time and celebrate the progress you’ve made.

Integrate with your Jira workflow

With the click of a button, your team can now connect to your Jira Cloud account to assign users, create due dates, and make sure that the ideas and action items discussed in your retrospective lead to real change.

Easily incorporate all your retrospective action-items into Jira workflows straight from the Retrium.

Keep track of items with each retro to easily ensure that nothing gets stuck in the backlog or completely forgotten. 😱

Retrospective History

Many teams use retrospectives as a one-off meeting, never reflecting back beyond the last few weeks. This perspective misses the opportunity to discuss long-standing issues or higher-level patterns. 

Retrium organizes all of your previous retrospective meetings in one place. You can not only see a timeline of past conversations, but you can also view exactly what notes and actions were generated. There’s no limit to the amount of insights you can gain by examining past meetings and reflecting on how far you’ve come.

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