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The Ultimate Guide to Agile Retrospectives 👏🚀

Are your retrospectives boring? Do they fail to lead to real change? Or perhaps you don’t even know where to begin? Learn the basics of the retrospective. Ready?
Let’s go 🚀

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The Ultimate Guide to Agile Retrospectives 👏🚀

The Retrospectives Academy will teach you effective retrospectives.

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Chapter 1

Retrospectives 101

Learn the basics of the retrospective. Ready? Let’s go 🚀

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Chapter 2

The Five Phases of a Successful Retrospective

In this chapter, we’re going to dive into more detail on this approach.

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Chapter 3

Facilitating Open Discussion

In this chapter, we are going to dive into how to effectively facilitate open discussion.

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Chapter 4

Increase Engagement and Participation In Your Retrospectives

In order to increase engagement in your retrospectives, you’ve got to help your team change its mindset from “we’re powerless 😐” to “we can do this 💪”.

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Chapter 5

Using Data Effectively in Your Retrospectives

What data should you bring to your next retrospective? And how might you use it effectively?

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Chapter 6

The One About

In this chapter, we’re going to dive into each one of the Choose-Create-Discuss steps in detail

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Chapter 7

Psychological Safety

What is psychological safety for teams? and how do you know if your team has psychological safety?

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Chapter 8

Retrospectives with remote and distributed teams

how teams can work together to maintain unity and encourage participation across all team members regardless of their physical location.

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Chapter 9

Retrospective Anti-Patterns and The Bad Habits Teams Pick Up Along The Way

Let’s go on an adventure! Where to? The best retrospective experience your team has ever had, of course!

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Chapter 10

Root Cause Analysis: A Retrospective For Problem Solving

if your team says things like “we’re trying to be better but we keep running into the same issue” or “we just can’t seem to do this better,” it’s probably time to take a closer look 🧐at the causes of the problem you’re facing.

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Chapter 11

How to Choose a Retrospective Technique

The sprint is over. The team is assembled. The working agreements have been read. It is time to retro!

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Chapter 12

Getting Buy-in on Retro Value

Time. It’s our most valuable resource. And in a post-COVID world, people are paying attention to how they’re spending their time more than ever before. While hallway meetings and quick desk-side check-ins used to be commonplace, the rise in asynchronous communication has led many people to ask one big question.

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Chapter 13

A look into the future of agile retrospectives

Through this guide, we have embarked on several adventures. We have imagined our first and fiftieth retros. We have developed ways to build and maintain safety. We have asked our teams to review relevant data, establish value, and follow through on ideas. We have discussed ways we can all form an environment for progress.

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