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Action Items

It's not a coincidence that the word "accomplished" is included in the definition of an Action Item. That means your Action Items should be written in a way that encourages (or requires) teams to follow-through on the action plan to maintain momentum. Creating viable and relevant action items for your team can make the difference between success and a missed opportunity.

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How to write action items

Here’s a recap of steps you can take to create meaningful Action Items to help your team achieve their goals:

  • Invest time in generating ideas

  • Evaluate effort, energy, necessary steps, and impact to choose the best idea

  • Make it a requirement that meeting participants create Action Items the SMART way

  • Review action items frequently on specific dates to maintain momentum

Take a deep dive into Action Items

Chapter 6 of the Ultimate Guide To Agile Retrospectives takes a closer look into how you can generate ideas, troubleshoot problems, and develop data-driven, realistic goals that your team can complete by specific dates. In short, the entire chapter is dedicated to helping you and your team write Action Items.

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Review action items frequently on specific dates to maintain momentum

Retrium helps you generate and prioritize ideas through guided and prioritized discussion. Once your team has voted on specific topics to discuss, you're able to create a list of action items in real-time that will be saved to your team room's to-do list or action plan. Your team can then easily reference and follow up on the action items again and again. And once your action item is complete, you can check it off of your task list and backlog to help you stay focused on achieving your project plan or larger goals.

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