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Seamless connections to project management, communication, and task-tracking tools enable teams to effortlessly import and analyze data, fostering a more comprehensive retrospective process and increased follow-through. Integrations streamline collaboration, save time, and boost the effectiveness of teams’ retrospectives.

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Integrate with your Jira workflow

With the click of a button, your team can now connect to your Jira Cloud account to assign users, create due dates, and make sure that the ideas and action items discussed in your retrospective lead to real change.

Easily incorporate all your retrospective action-items into Jira workflows straight from Retrium.

Keep track of items with each retro to easily ensure that nothing gets stuck in the backlog or completely forgotten.

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Continuously Improve your Retrospectives with Retrium’s Slack App

Retrium’s guided continuous improvement tool helps agile teams have better retrospectives even if you don’t have years of facilitation experience. 

With the Retrium app for Slack, you can keep your teams engaged by:

  • Notifying your team when a retro is beginning
  • Joining a retro that is underway with your team

By seamlessly engaging with Retrium from where teams already work together, you’re improving continuously. 

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