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Custom Retrospectives

For many agile teams, retrospective meetings help teammates openly share challenges, ideas, and issues with the goal of creating a plan that improves the way they work together. There are many templates and techniques teams can use to keep their retrospectives fresh and engaging like the What Went Well and What Didn’t Go Well retrospective and more in-depth activities like WRAP, lean coffee, or team radar.

As the retrospective meeting has expanded to meet the team’s individual needs, the ability to customize templates has become increasingly important.

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Create new templates

Love the James Bond Retrospective? Or maybe you need a themed retrospective for your team? Retrium allows you to create new templates for every retrospective your team has. Plus, once you have created the perfect template for your team, you can save it to your team room by selecting Save As Custom Technique from the Retrospective menu.

Update existing templates

Just want to tweak an existing template? You can do that, too. Maybe your team likes adding extra details to the sailboat technique, or that workplace happiness radar doesn't quite fit your team's experience. Whatever your team wants to do, you can easily customize existing templates to your taste and save them for future use.

View all your templates

All your favorite retrospective templates can be saved to your team room, so your team can return to your favorite activities. Just select your template of choice at the start of each retrospective.

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