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Agile for all teams

As teams outside of software development and IT continue to adopt agile practices to improve performance and operational efficiency, running regular retrospectives helps these teams realize the full benefits of the flexibility and adaptability of agile.

Agile Marketing

Marketing teams worldwide have realized true benefits from the implementation of agile methods. From encouraging experimentation, iterative learning, and psychological safety to adopting stand ups and retrospectives as part of normal operations, marketing teams around the world are learning from their colleagues in software development to help drive continuous improvement.
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Agile HR

Viewing organizations, teams, and individuals as customers, Agile HR teams have been able to adapt the feedback loops from traditional Agile frameworks to drive real change in their organizations’ work environments in a matter of weeks instead of years.

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Agile Sales

One of the original Agile Manifesto's core values is customer collaboration over contract negotiation. That customer-centric approach has created an easy transition to agile for many sales leaders.

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Agile Finance

Finance and accounting are two of the newer industries to start adopting agile principles. However, initial research from global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, and Oracle - a Cloud Technology Company-show signs that finance leaders are interested in the fast-paced adaptability that agile practices are known for around the world.

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