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Retrium is on a mission to help you improve your agile retrospectives

A Brief History

Teams need to embrace a mindful approach to teamwork where they inspect how they work together and adapt based on what they find. Retrium was founded to enable companies to have effective conversations, discover new ideas, and generate insights and actions that fuel continuous learning and process improvement.

In order to achieve success, teams can no longer push through without reflection, measuring results by how busy they are. They can no longer say they don’t have time to take care of the essential part of teamwork: ensuring everyone knows what to do, why they’re doing it, and how they plan to accomplish it together.

We can’t just hope that growth happens on it’s own and our teams are working on the right things; we have to actively participate in a process designed to help teams get to actionable learnings that drive real change. This is why retrospectives are the fastest and best way to achieve the organizational agility that will keep your company competitive.

We don’t believe teams have to settle for bad retrospective meetings or not having the time to pause and reflect on how things are going. Teams deserve to have frequent check-ins to figure out how to improve together, and Retrium is designed to do just that. Since the inception of our company in 2014, hundreds of thousands of effective retrospective meetings have been run on our platform. Join us on our mission as we help every team have amazing agile retrospectives.

Meet Our leaders

Retrium is committed to creating a space where people can connect,
grow, and lead both professionally and personally.


How We Work

We’re a fully-distributed, cross-functional team of passionate and fun people. We have a leadership team of agile experts, a deep dedication to company culture, and a history of partnering with our customers to help them unlock their potential. No matter where someone works at Retrium, they always feel connected to our mission of improving the way that teams work together.

“There are so many people who go through their whole lives waiting for an opportunity to work with people they enjoy being with for 8 hours every single day, and I think we’ve created that at Retrium and I could not be more proud of that.“

David Horowitz

"My favorite part about working at Retrium is the people, the company culture, and the amazing product that we’re working on."

Fatima Naveed

"As a remote-first company, Retrium has built a culture that attracts amazing people and enables them to be their best selves. I saw this at our first in-person retreat when, despite never having met in person, there was a natural ability for us to easily work together."

Customer Success
Meagan Evertson

"Retrium is committed to helping each of us be as successful personally as we are professionally. David, Ryan, and Niki recognize that revelation comes from retreat and encourage us to explore our passions to then share what we've learned with our colleagues."

Erika Brooks

We’re proud to be a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company!

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Values we live by

Level Up

Continuously improve upon everything you do. Tomorrow is better than today. Focus on leveling up yourself, your team, the product, our company, and our industry.

Default to Autonomy

As a company, we have a mission. As a valued team member, you are empowered to decide how to accomplish it. Take ownership and responsibility.

Listen. Learn. Teach.

All of us have more to learn. Listen to your fellow Retrimaniacs. Learn from them. But share your wisdom freely when there's something to be taught.

Bias for Action

Think first, but know when to act. And when you're not sure what to do, experiment freely. Analysis only gets you so far. Failures don't exist, only opportunities to learn.

Focus on Quality

Whatever you do, do it with pride. Create an outcome that you're proud of. Quality isn't a tax, it's a reflection of our craftmanship.

Be Your Amazing Self

Operate with integrity, empathy, humility. Cultivate trust and respect. Enjoy what you do. Have fun. Be passionate. And when doing these, be yourself.

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