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And we're kind of obsessed with getting retrospectives just right.

Our story

At Retrium, we are motivated by a desire to unleash the power of retrospectives for distributed teams. That's because we believe that retrospectives are the key to high-performing agile teams. Yet many distributed teams fail to run retrospectives. Why is that?

That's the question we asked ourselves in the fall of 2014. And after doing just a bit of research, it was easy to find the answer. It wasn't that distributed teams didn't want to run retrospectives -- they did. It was that there simply weren't any high-quality tools that enabled them to run retrospectives effectively.

As agilists and members of the scrum community, that didn't make much sense to us. Whether collocated or distributed, all teams deserve the opportunity to continuously improve. We're here because we are true believers in the power of retrospectives to do just that.

Retrium -- Agile retrospectives made easy.


Our Core Values

More than how we work, this is who we are.
Level Up

Continuously improve upon everything you do. Tomorrow is better than today. Focus on leveling up yourself, your team, the product, our company, and our industry.

Bias for Action

Think first, but know when to act. And when you're not sure what to do, experiment freely. Analysis only gets you so far. Failures don't exist, only opportunities to learn.

Default to Autonomy

As a company, we have a mission. As a Retrimaniac, you are empowered to decide how to accomplish it. Take ownership and responsibility.

Focus on Quality

Whatever you do, do it with pride. Quality isn't a tax, it's a reflection of our craftmanship.

Listen. Learn. Teach.

All of us have more to learn. Listen to your fellow Retrimaniacs. Learn from them. But share your wisdom freely when there's something to be taught.

Be Your Amazing Self

Operate with integrity, empathy, and humility. Cultivate trust and respect. Enjoy what you do. Have fun. Be passionate. And by doing these things, be yourself.

A bit more about us

David Horowitz
Co-founder & CEO
Previously an agile coach at an international bank, David experienced the difficulty of running effective retrospectives at large companies first hand. He has a Masters in Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business, as well as Computer Science and Economics degrees from the University of Maryland. He is married to his college sweetheart and is the father of three little ones!
Ryan Detweiler
Co-founder & CTO
Having coded in many different capacities for nearly a decade, Ryan fancies himself a jack-of-all-trades developer. An avid backpacker, craft beer aficionado, and lover of good coffee, Ryan lives, plays, and works in Washington, D.C.
Niki Kohari
An executive coach and serial entrepreneur, Niki's mission in life is to help people work better together. She has a background in I/O psychology, previously co-founded two companies in the project management space, and had roles in organizational development and business operations. She currently lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and two chihuahuas.
Jason Crider
Software Engineer
From an early age, Jason has been very interested in computers and programming. He's developed web applications for several different industries including Healthcare, Video Games and Fast Food. He currently resides in sunny Columbus, Ohio with his wife of 11 years and 2 kids.
Adam Kingsmore
Account Executive
Working in startups the past few years, Adam has experience helping launch and grow new products. His focus at Retrium will be building and growing enterprise sales. Adam lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and two kids.
Andrew Shim
Software Engineer
A maker at heart, Andrew loves building things from scratch and venturing into the unknown. On most weekends, he'll be hacking away at something, but his dog will occasionally pull him away from the computer and take him on a hike. He currently lives in Oakland, CA with his college roommate, his nature-loving dog, and his two grumpy cats. He's been forced to adopt a fashion trend called "Fur-ever 21".
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