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Hey there! We're the folks behind Retrium.

And we're kind of obsessed with getting retrospectives just right.

Our story

We believe that all organizations should be able to deliver value early and often to their customers. In order to achieve that goal, companies must be able to inspect how they work and adapt based on what they find. No one is perfect on Day Zero. Or Day Thirty, for that matter.

That's why at Retrium, we are so laser focused on enabling teams to run effective retrospectives. Every Single Time.

Retrospectives are enablers of continuous improvement. They are the agile ceremony that's most focused on the "inspect and adapt" mentality. And they are run frequently, which provides teams with countless opportunities to change the way they work.

In fact, it's fair to say that the retrospective is the most central part of agility. Without the retrospective, how can teams figure out what to improve upon? And yet, many teams fail to effectively retrospect on a regular basis.

It doesn't have to be that way. That's why we're building Retrium. We want to make agile retrospectives easy for everyone.


Our Core Values

More than how we work, this is who we are.
Level Up

Continuously improve upon everything you do. Tomorrow is better than today. Focus on leveling up yourself, your team, the product, our company, and our industry.

Bias for Action

Think first, but know when to act. And when you're not sure what to do, experiment freely. Analysis only gets you so far. Failures don't exist, only opportunities to learn.

Default to Autonomy

As a company, we have a mission. As a Retrimaniac, you are empowered to decide how to accomplish it. Take ownership and responsibility.

Focus on Quality

Whatever you do, do it with pride. Quality isn't a tax, it's a reflection of our craftmanship.

Listen. Learn. Teach.

All of us have more to learn. Listen to your fellow Retrimaniacs. Learn from them. But share your wisdom freely when there's something to be taught.

Be Your Amazing Self

Operate with integrity, empathy, and humility. Cultivate trust and respect. Enjoy what you do. Have fun. Be passionate. And by doing these things, be yourself.

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