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Retrium is committed to creating a space where people can connect, grow, and lead both professionally and personally. And our core values reflect this commitment to the whole person. Through a series of internal programs, we provide professional development and coaching opportunities as well as support for the intentional development of personal interests and wellness.

David Horowitz

Co-founder and CEO
A software developer turned agile coach turned entrepreneur, David brings 15+ years of experience to Retrium where he oversees the strategic direction of Retrium's operations, product, and marketing teams. David has degrees in Computer Science and Economics from The University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in Technology Management from The Wharton School of Business.

Ryan Detweiler

Co-founder and CTO
Ryan co-founded Retrium with David to help teams make better decisions together after his experience at the World Bank highlighted the challenges online teams face running effective retrospectives. Responsible for the product strategy and technical execution at Retrium, Ryan shares his commitment to helping teams beyond Retrium as an avid open source contributor.

Niki Kohari

As Retrium's COO, Niki is responsible for support, customer success, accounting/finance/legal, and people operations. Niki also shares her expertise as a certified business, executive, and leadership coach to the team and others through her company, BrightSpark Coaching. A serial entrepreneur, Niki started AgileZen in 2009 which was acquired by Rally Software in April 2012 and was the Vice President of Operations at Adzerk prior to joining Retrium.


Troy Henikoff

Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners
Lecturer, Kellogg School of Management

Diana Larsen

Meeting Facilitation Expert
Co-Author, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great
Founder, Agile Fluency (tm)

Esther Derby

Meeting Facilitation Expert
Co-Author, Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great

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