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Facilitated retrospectives that
engage in a real discussion

Retrium enables agile teams to have effective conversations, discover new insights, and generate action plans.

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Focus conversations on the most important topics
Privately brainstorm feedback and ideas
Collaboratively group similar topics into themes
Vote to prioritize themes to discuss together
Dive deeper on themes to create a shared understanding
Generate action items and next steps

Facilitate fun and interactive sprint retrospectives with Retrium

Retrium retrospectives

A toolbox of activities

Retrium has so many formats that your team will never have the same meeting twice. You can follow one of our industry-tested sprint retrospective examples or customize a unique activity that perfectly fits your team. It’s simple to gather feedback asynchronously or in real time, so there’s always time to look back and move forward.

A guided facilitation process

Retrium uses industry best practices to walk your team through an engaging retrospective from start to finish. As your team moves from gathering data to deciding what to do, everyone can follow along and collaborate towards the same goal. With all your teammates participating in a powerful conversation, it’s clear why retrospectives are the key to continuous improvement.

A space for
every team

Retrium enables you to organize your teammates and all your retrospective documentation in one place. Your team can ensure psychological safety with private rooms, and everyone can share feedback openly because comments are anonymous. It’s easy to explore previous meeting details and review completed retrospectives.

Facilitate fun and interactive sprint retrospectives with Retrium

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Thousands of agile teams use Retrium to facilitate amazing sprint retrospectives

"Just sign up. It’ll help solve a lot of problems down the road for you and your team. We started to get more engagement from more team members that were previously not speaking up as much"

Alex Kramer

Binx Health

“If you’re considering Retrium, I would say
stop waiting and just try it.”

Pete Peltier


“The closest replication of the in-person exchange that we'd seen.
If you're considering Retrium throw your toughest challenge at it and see how well it responds.”

Jackson Viccora

Vantage Point

"Team participation has increased tenfold. It's a fantastic tool that gets us all thinking and talking. Doesn't put anyone on the spot and keeps it organized and with a purpose"

Gina DeMatteo


“We are experimenting with different formats to keep it more exciting. But the general goal is to surface and attack the most important items and propose actionable improvements. SinceAuth0 is a remote company we use tools likeRetrium to swiftly perform customized retros.”

Artur Klajnerok


“I work on a remote team and have never had the best solution for remote-based retrospectives. Retrium is by far the best solution I've found.”

Anna Graves

Vox Media

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