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Software Engineers and Retrospectives: What you need to know

Agile was developed to address specific pains for software engineers just like you. So why is it still so hard to consistently find value in the entire process?

Part of the agile methodology includes regularly taking time to reflect on how your team is working together to identify opportunities for improvement. But if your retrospectives aren’t working, or feel like a total waste of time, it’s time to inspect and adapt how you inspect and adapt. 

Here is how Retrium takes on the challenge of making retrospectives easier and more efficient for developers, to help you get the most out of the time you spend meeting. 

For the quieter bunch, Retrium helps to guide your team through the retrospective. Your team can use anonymous ideation and dot voting to select and automatically organize the topics that will be discussed. This means everyone’s ideas are considered for discussion regardless of seniority or personality, so you can discuss new and original solutions.

To help you start your retro on the right foot, Retrium gives you options. From techniques you may already use, like Start Stop Continue, to new options like Team Radars, your team can find new ways to pick up the conversation from your last iteration. 

Retrospectives without honest ideas are just meetings that take you away from your flow. Retrium’s private brainstorming protects psychological safety by anonymizing your contributions and allows you to privately submit your ideas without influence from other team members’ notes. And once your team has discussed the most important issues affecting them, you can create meaningful action items that members of the team are actually invested in completing. 

Retrospectives give teams the opportunity to save time by focusing on important topics and finding ways for the team to come together—both personally and professionally—to do great work.

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