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Better Retrospectives + Better Follow-Through = Continuous Improvement

Follow-through is often cited as the strongest indicator of successful retrospectives AND the most challenging part to incorporate into agile teams’ existing workflows.

For teams using Jira, Retrium’s Jira Cloud integration will help to optimize their agile retrospectives and ensure that action items are efficiently executed within their project management workflow.

This integration combines the power of Retrium's retrospective tool with Jira's robust issue tracking capabilities to create a cohesive experience for teams worldwide. 

Here's how it works:

  • Simply connect your Jira account to Retrium from your Retrium user settings
  • Select and export the action items to Jira

It's that easy!

By combining the capabilities of Retrium's retrospective tool with Jira's project management environment, this integration empowers agile teams to maximize the value of their retrospectives. It ensures that action items are efficiently exported, making continuous improvement a streamlined and effective part of the team's workflow.

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