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Retrium’s Slack App: Seamlessly Connect and Engage with Your Team's Retrospectives & Action Items

At Retrium, we're always looking for ways to make retrospectives more accessible and integrated into your everyday workflows. Today, we're excited to announce the beta release of our new Slack app, a tool designed to bring the power of effective retrospectives directly into the space where your teams are already communicating and coordinating work.

This new integration is built to ensure that your team can easily join, participate in, and follow up on retrospectives right from Slack.

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Why Integrate with Slack?

Slack has become a cornerstone for team communication in many organizations, centralizing conversation, collaboration, and now, continuous improvement processes. By integrating Retrium directly with Slack, we aim to reduce the friction involved in organizing and conducting retrospectives as well as following through on action items and other post-retro tasks.

By bringing these updates and invitations directly into where your teams are already discussing and sharing their work, our goal is to make these critical agile ceremonies as seamless and engaging as checking your daily messages.

Key Features of the Retrium Slack App

Direct Access to Retrospectives

With the Retrium Slack app, setting up and joining a retrospective is as simple as clicking a button in your Slack workspace. Once a retro is started, team members receive an instant notification with the ability to access the retro board. Facilitators no longer need to interrupt discussions to share links or confirm participants are in the right space.

Real-Time Retro Progress Updates

One of the standout features of our Slack integration is the ability to monitor the progress of your retrospectives in real time. Team members can see updates as they happen, including who’s in the retrospective and what phase the team is currently on, which boosts participation and keeps everyone on the same page. This feature ensures that all team members, regardless of their location or time zone, can confidently join the retrospective and actively participate and contribute to the retrospective.

By bringing these updates and invitations directly into where your teams are already discussing and sharing their work, our goal is to make these critical agile ceremonies as seamless and engaging as checking your daily messages.

Weekly Summaries of Action Items

Effective retrospectives result in actionable insights, but these can easily be lost in the shuffle of daily work. Our new Slack app addresses this by sending weekly summaries of action items right to your Slack channel every Monday. This not only helps teams keep track of what’s been agreed upon but also reinforces the commitments made during the retrospectives.

Interactive Updates On Action Items

Beyond just receiving summaries, team members can update the status of their action items directly through Slack. When an action item is marked as complete either in Slack or in Retrium, the status will be updated in real-time so the team is always aware of progress, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. This interactive feature ensures that action items are not just recorded but actively managed and completed.

Benefits of Using the Retrium Slack App

Enhanced Engagement

By bringing retrospectives into Slack, we're lowering the barriers to participation. The easier and more accessible the process, the more likely team members will actively engage in the team’s retros and follow-through. This increased engagement leads to more comprehensive feedback and more impactful retrospectives.

Streamlined Processes

‍The integration simplifies the logistical aspects of running retrospectives, allowing teams to focus more on the content and outcomes of the sessions rather than the setup and management. This streamlining of processes is crucial for teams looking to maximize their time and efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

The weekly action item updates and interactive status updates on teams’ retrospectives keep continuous improvement in the forefront of team activities. This consistent reminder of goals and progress helps teams maintain momentum between retrospectives and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

How to Get Started

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Getting started with the Retrium Slack app is straightforward!

1. Install the App: Add the Retrium app to your Slack workspace from the Slack App Directory.
2.  Connect Your Account: Link your Retrium account with Slack by following the simple on-screen instructions.
3. Subscribe for updates: Use Slack commands to subscribe to updates on retrospectives and action item status.

See more specific details and helpful screenshots of the setup process on our support page.

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Who can use the Slack App?

In short, everyone has access to the Slack App from the creation of a free trial through all of our paid plans. Admins of larger accounts have permission settings that allow more control over access to channel subscriptions pending approval. And our privacy policy addresses how we’ll manage and protect your data.

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The Retrium Slack app is more than just a tool; it's a new way of engaging with the agile process. It represents our commitment to making retrospectives not just a task to be completed, but a central, accessible, and vital part of your team’s success. We believe this integration will help teams achieve greater cohesion, continuous improvement, and ultimately, higher performance.

Click here to try Retrium’s Slack app today, and turn your retrospectives into a dynamic part of your team's communication rhythm! Of course, if you have more questions, click here to read our support article or reach out at

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