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Safety Check Team Radar

Does your team feel comfortable sharing honestly in retrospectives? ...are you sure? 

Even agile teams that encourage open communication need to continuously nurture a sense of psychological safety. A Safety Check Team Radar is an effective tool to make sure your retrospectives are a safe space for open and honest feedback. 

Pro tip: Learn more about the importance of psychological safety and strategies to foster a feeling of safety for your team in the Ultimate Guide To Agile Retrospectives.

Use this radar template when you want to...

Create a psychologically
safe environment


Discover specific areas team members may not feel safe speaking about

Setting The Stage

The Safety Check Team Radar comes with 3 suggested areas of focus.

  1. Do you feel comfortable speaking up?
  2. Do you feel included?
  3. Do you feel heard?

Before your team anonymously votes, take a moment to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the procedure. Once everyone understands the questions they are supposed to be answering, you're ready to gather some data!

Gathering Data

During the Collect phase of the retrospective, each team member indicates their individual level of safety by answering the questions in the spokes on the radar. For each spoke, a team member will indicate (on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is the lowest rating and 5 is the highest) how they feel about each question.

Retrium's Safety Check Team Radar is designed to save you time so you can focus on getting the most value possible from your retrospectives. If you find your team needs to address a specific concern, you can add or edit the radar spokes to better fit your team's needs. Participants can vote while remaining completely anonymous during the entire radar activity. This prevents groupthink and encourages honest feedback from every member of the team.

Exploring The Results

 Once everyone has shared their feedback, the team moves on to the Analyze Phase to review and discuss the team's safety ratings.

Retrium provides easy data visualizations so teams can easily analyze multiple response values, including:

  • Individual Responses
  • Average
  • Median
  • Range
  • Standard Deviation
  • Outliers
  • Normal Distribution
  • Histogram

Leading The Discussion

Once the team has reviewed the results of the Radar, the facilitator can lead a discussion on the results with questions like:

Closing The Retro

By the end of this retrospective, you will have received data-driven evidence regarding how safe your team feels during a retrospective or during regular work interactions. This information can help you lead respectful and inclusive retrospective discussions moving forward.

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