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Why run retrospectives with Retrium?

Retrium Team

Why run retrospectives with Retrium? 

We are the world’s leading retrospective tool for a reason! Learn more about why teams consistently choose Retrium to help them run amazing retrospectives. 

Return on Time Invested 

Retros have been the go-to strategy for software teams that want to improve productivity for over two decades! Why? Because they work. Taking the time to reflect and improve on systems has been shown to improve productivity, morale, and efficiency. 

Let’s break it down. 

Imagine you work on a team of 5, and everyone on your team makes about the same $100,000 salary. That means an hour of your team's time is around $240. Think about that next time you are in a meeting with no agenda. 

This is where Retrium can help. Retrium is designed to help your facilitators and teams consistently run focused and effective retrospectives. Great retrospectives lead to continuous improvement and clear, measurable productivity gains. 

Let's go back to that 5-person team and imagine that your latest retrospective led to a suggestion that saved everyone on your team a single hour of time. We now know that the dollar value of that time is $240. Since Retrium costs just $39 a month for a team, your return on the time invested is over $200! Think that's cool? Just wait until you tell your boss!

You’ll even have the literal receipts! Retrium tracks your team’s self-reported Return On Time Invested, your Retro history, and the team’s usage reports which means you have all the data you need to show how much your retros are helping your team do better work together.  

Psychological safety for honest feedback 

Psychological safety has become a bit of a buzzword in the last few years as mental health has taken center stage in the discussion of how to balance the push for more productivity and efforts to maintain employee retention.

It is nothing new at Retrium. Since Retrium’s founding, we have focused on making a tool teams can use to help create a mentally and psychologically safe environment. Through features like note obfuscation, anonymous ideation, voting, and async additions, Retrium allows retro participants -regardless of rank or longevity in the company- to feel comfortable sharing their honest thoughts and concerns. 

Why is safety important during a retrospective? 

Because great retro experiences are dependent on making sure great ideas never fall through the cracks. Facilitators have also discovered that with anonymous ideation, teams can focus on the more significant issues and create those sweet, sweet action items that help teams reach their goals and continuously improve. 🍯


The best retrospectives happen when teams talk about challenging issues. That can’t happen if the team is worried about security. 

That is why Retrium follows the strictest international guidelines for data security. Qualified organizations can receive access to SOC Audit results, Full Security Review, and all the documentation your procurement team needs to make sure your team’s data is well protected. You can learn more about our available security measures by talking directly to one of our customer experience team members

Flexible pricing

Retrospectives are all about creating safe spaces to reflect and discuss the issues of the team. In Retrium, that place is your team room! We provide a variety of pricing and payment options to help your organization have all the team rooms they need! And with access to a 30-day full free trial- no card required- you will know precisely what you are getting when you sign up. Spoiler alert! It’s a lot! 

Speak directly with our Customer Experience team to learn about annual invoicing, upgrades, and licensing options, or check out our FAQ section on our pricing page

The Retrium Community of Learners 

The State of Facilitation 2023 survey conducted by SessionLabs found that 97% of facilitators said they work alone most of the time. 🫥 Feeling lonely or pressured toward vanity metrics over quality can be challenging for new and experienced facilitators alike. That is why we team up with facilitators like Diana Larsen and Esther Derby to shape our product roadmap and create meaningful community experiences in and out of the retro! 

Learn more about some of the facilitators we have worked with in our  Retro Hot Seat Series and Distributed Agile Webinar Series. 

Join the over 2000 teams that run effective retrospectives with Retrium.

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