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The Death Of Productivity: How transparency can destroy Agile teams

Retrium Team

With deadlines approaching, budgets decreasing, and scope starting to creep, managers often rely on tools and strategies promising to help teams improve productivity, increase transparency, and facilitate collaboration. While the intention is good - transparency can’t be bad, right? - many teams lose sight of the need to balance transparency with privacy and safety in the rush to meet their goals.

Join President and Principal Agile Consultant for the Lankford Group, Todd Lankford, as he shares how teams are actually killing productivity in the name of transparency, and the steps teams can take to find balance between transparency, trust, privacy, and productivity in a live webinar and Q&A on April 29th at 11:30 am EST. 


Participants in the live event will

  • Learn tips and strategies to improve the team and organizational productivity 
  • Understand the value transparency can provide for your team, and when it should and shouldn’t be a goal for your team.  
  • Participate in a Live Q&A with Todd to ask specific questions about your experience


Todd Lankford helps organizations simplify their Agile journey by building cultures that build better products.

His approach helps today’s enterprises simplify the way they work to build products their customers need in reduced time. Todd coaches executives, managers, and teams to cultivate the behaviors that embrace change and enable great products to emerge and thrive.

Todd is an Executive and Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach with over 25 years in consulting for over 60 Fortune 500 companies. He brings a unique blend of skills in product strategy, software development, user experience and engagement, and business know-how. He has been practicing Agile related frameworks and principles throughout his entire career.

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