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Product Update: New Website!

Have you ever been to a company’s website and thought...

“Wow, Windows 10 called - they want their website back.”

Yeah, so have we...every time we looked at our own site. 

That’s why, for the first time since our inception, we underwent a major revamp and treated ourselves to a whole new website!  We wanted to provide a website that more clearly articulates actionable solutions to the specific problems your team is facing.

You’ll notice that the navigation throughout the site is now much more interactive, and provides users with a clear path to their desired information. 

Our brand-spanking-new site - updated colors, logo, branding, and all!! - debuted TODAY and we couldn’t be more excited. Now overflowing with a ton of new features and resources, our website is your one-stop-shop for all things Agile retrospectives. 

New Features & Resources

Solutions by Topic

One of our favorite features of the new website is our solutions pages, which you can now sort by topic or by role. 

Some of the most common pain points found in retrospectives today include a lack of psychological safety, decreased levels of engagement among distributed teams, and minimal follow through on action items. 

When searching through our solutions by topic, you can find in-depth analyses for each of these issues as well as...well...their solutions! 

Solutions by Role 

Like we mentioned above, you can also search for solutions by your role in the retrospective. Whether you’re a scrum master, engineer, manager, or agile coach, we’ve got detailed answers to the most common retrospective woes. 

Retrospective Academy 

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to check out our Retrospective Academy, wait no longer. 

The Retrospective Academy is home to some of our longer think pieces, in-depth discussions on our favorite facilitation techniques, and the Ultimate Guide to Agile Retrospectives, which is a fantastic resource on running great retros all on its own. 


Running great retrospectives can be tough - we get it. That’s why we do our best to regularly create valuable content in our blog that can help improve your retros by providing you with tips, product updates, new techniques, and just generally topics that we think might be interesting to our readers. 

For those on the go, this is also a great place to find bite-sized versions of some of our more lengthy content. ⏱

Agile Roundup

If you haven’t heard, we post a weekly roundup of the most hard-hitting articles from all sectors of the agile space, spanning topics like Business Agility, Agile at Scale, Coaching & Facilitation Techniques, Agile Outside of IT, and more! And sometimes, we even like to throw in a new podcast or YouTube video that we just can’t get enough of. 🎧

This weekly email gets delivered straight to your inbox every Friday morning at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST, but you can also check it out directly on our website if you’re trying to keep your inbox at bay. 

Retrospective Techniques

This team has run a lot of retrospectives. How many, you might ask? We have no idea. But it’s definitely enough to know what we’re talking about. Trust us. 😉

The agile methodology can be tricky, but running successful retrospectives can help! During these hundreds (if not thousands!) of retrospectives, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite techniques and turned them into interactive templates that you can use within Retrium when running your retros. While the list of techniques is constantly evolving, these are some of our favorites that can be found within the app. 

  • Wishes, Risks, Appreciations, Puzzles
  • What Went Well
  • 4Ls
  • Mad, Sad, Glad 
  • Start, Stop, Continue
  • Lean Coffee™
  • Team Radar

On the new website, you can find tidbits for each technique, like how the technique works and for which situations it works best. 

Testimonials & Use Cases

Everyone loves a good customer review. If you’re looking for what people are saying about Retrium, look no further. On our Customer Stories Page, you can read use cases and testimonials to help decide if we’re the right tool for your team. 

Help Center

In the Help Center, you will find documentation for our most commonly seen problems ranging from getting started with your new Retrium account and product updates, to billing questions and our favorite retro tips. 🆘

Contact Us

Need help running your first retrospective? Can’t find the pricing page? Want to send us some feedback? 🤔 On the Contact Page, you can speak directly with our customer support team, who is happy to answer any and all of your questions. 

Product Overviews

And of course, as with any product website, you’ll find a detailed outline of the entire Retrium product, use cases, and best practices. 

The point of all this is to say that we think our new website is pretty cool, and we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way! So check it out and send us your feedback. Don’t worry - we can take it 🤭

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