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Introducing Retrium organizations

Retrium Team

We’ll soon be launching a collection of new features aimed at helping companies use and support Retrium across their company. We call it Retrium Organizations.

Our mission for Retrium has always been to create a retrospective product that’s easy to use and provides a safe place for teams to discuss learnings, issues, and anything else that needs to be addressed. We’ve taken the feedback you’ve shared with us to guide the evolution of Retrium, which balances usability and psychological safety with power and visibility.

What we will accomplish with organizations is the same great product you love for team retrospectives, now with better visibility across your company, simpler permissions, and easier access to team rooms for all.

What are organizations?

Organizations are a way to connect every person and team room in your company under one shared billing account. They are an easy way to organize and view all the people and teams you work with that use Retrium, regardless of whether you have one or one hundred teams running retrospectives.

Also, organizations make it possible for multiple people in your company to configure security settings, manage users, and control the creation of team rooms. Because we charge for our product based upon monthly active team rooms, organizations are essential to understanding Retrium usage and the monthly cost of our product.

Why did we add organizations to retrium?

While we’re adding enhancements for administrators, this release will also address feedback we’ve heard from teams too. Customers have had issues with changing the ownership of a team, understanding whether others are able to facilitate retrospectives in team rooms owned by another person, and knowing what to do when someone leaves the company.

The root of all of these problems is that until now, only a single person was the “team room owner”, and it wasn’t always clear who this person was in your company. As you can imagine, this lead to information silos, confusion, duplicate teams, and the need to manually move data from one account to another. Not fun for anyone!

Organizations will bring visibility to all team rooms within an account (so long as people have permission to view this), not only reducing the issues mentioned above but also making it super simple for people to request access to the right teams in their company. Easier access to team room means less setup time and administration, and more time to reflect on how your team can improve. Please be aware that team room names will now be visible to organization members, but only those authorized by a team room member can participate in a retrospective or view the history of retrospectives within that team.

Along with the enhanced visibility of team rooms, we always want to ensure that team safety and trust is preserved. To accomplish this, we’ve simplified team room security options and added role-based permissions that administrators can use to control access to Retrium. After this release, it will be necessary for all Retrium users to log in when they access the application. This ensures that what is discussed in the retrospective is only shared with those that have permission to participate. If someone on your team was previously accessing Retrium without a login, they will need to create one and be invited to participate in your team room once organizations are live in the application.

What's next?

One exciting thing about this release is that it will pave the way for further collaboration within Retrium. It will be even easier to rotate facilitators within your team and will make it simple for those that need access to get to a team room quickly. It also opens the door for one of our next features, real-time presence, so you can see who is a part of your retrospective at any given moment!

How do I get started?

We’ll be contacting customers directly with more information on how to set up their organization and what other actions need to be taken to seamlessly transition to this new version of Retrium. If you have any questions about your account or how to use Retrium in general, we’re always here to help!

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