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Expert Hot Seat

Expert Hot Seat


🔥 Introducing the Retrospective Expert Hot Seat! 🔥

Retrium Team

You asked, they answered! 🎉 Introducing our new Expert Hot Seat series! 

We asked seven agile experts some of the biggest questions facing teams today to hear how they run engaging retrospectives that lead to thoughtful discussions and valuable solutions. 

So who joined us in the hot seat? 🔥

Heidi Araya

Agile Transformation Consultant


Jutta Eckstein 

Agile Coach, Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator Owner of IT Communication

IT Communication 

David Horowitz

Retrospective Expert, CEO & Co-Founder of Retrium


Mark Kilby

Distributed Agile Guide and Founder of K5 Labs

K5 Labs

Diana Larsen

Author, Agile Fluency® Project Chief Connector/CoFounder

Agile Fluency® Project 

Larry Maccherone

Distinguished Engineer


Stefan Wolpers

Professional Scrum Trainer 

Berlin Product People GmbH

Next up, our experts share their favorite retrospective activity.

We'll be sharing their responses to all our questions here and on our YouTube playlist, so be sure to stay tuned! 

If you'd like to be notified when we release new Hot Seat videos, share your information below! 

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