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Esther Derby and Diana Larsen Join Retrium

Retrium Team

We are elated to announce creators, authors, and all-around agile leaders Esther Derby and Diana Larsen have joined the team at Retrium!!  (Read the official announcement here!) As Retrium's first Advisors, Esther and Diana will be expanding their ongoing work to share agile retrospective trends and best practices with Retrium's customers and followers, and the broader agile community.

We’ll also be tapping into their expertise and experience to guide and fine-tune Retrium’s product roadmap to make sure our customers continue to have the best access to proven effective facilitation tools and techniques. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with the duo! We’ve asked them to sit for the Hot Seat as part of our Retrospective Expert Series and asked them to join webinars, including joining us as panelists in our Suddenly Distributed webinar series launched to help teams navigate the transition to remote work in response to COVID-19 shutdowns.

With over thirty years of experience writing, facilitating, and publishing in the agile community, their names have become synonymous with retrospective excellence. After all, they literally wrote the book on agile retrospectives. ;-) 

We’re excited to have Esther and Diana officially on the team and can’t wait to share the outcomes of our collaboration soon. In fact, be sure to follow us on Twitter @RetriumHQ where we’ll be sharing product announcements and other updates soon! 

A Note From CEO David Horowitz

I've had the opportunity to meet my fair share of industry experts, thought leaders, and even personal heroes.

It's rare that they live up to your (perhaps unfair) expectations.

Unless, that is, they happen to be Esther Derby and Diana Larsen.

Over the years, as I've had the pleasure of getting to know Esther and Diana, they have demonstrated *time and again* not only the depth of their insights, but also their warm, welcoming, generous nature. Simply put: they rock!

That's why I could not be happier to announce that Esther and Diana have officially joined Retrium as Advisors.

As co-authors of THE BOOK on Agile Retrospectives, Esther and Diana have unmatched expertise and experience running world-class retrospectives.

And now all of us at Retrium -- and much more importantly, the thousands upon thousands of teams who trust us for their retrospectives -- will benefit from their expertise as they help shape the future of Retrium.

Can't wait to work with them to build what's next 🎉

- David

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