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Retrospective Quick Tips

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Create & customize a team radar template

Niki Kohari

The feedback is in and customers love to facilitate Team Radar retrospectives in Retrium! Because they provide valuable data on their own and can also be used in combination with a sticky note-style retrospective, they’re incredibly powerful.

We’ve now made Team Radars even more fun and effective because you can start from scratch to create your own Team Radar retrospectives or customize any of our templates to make it your own. The possibilities are endless!

We’re the only product out there with this unique take on retrospectives, and it’s one of the many reasons why customers partner with us for their retrospectives. The capabilities of the Team Radar can’t be duplicated in spreadsheets, collaborative documents, or using an online cardboard because of the unique way we gather responses and display the results, so join the thousands of others who have tried one and let us know about your experience.

Team radar retrospectives in Retrium

If you’re new to Team Radars, our first post on this topic has more information about how and when to use them and our documentation site has a step-by-step guide to running Team Radars in Retrium.

As a quick summary, Team Radars are a popular technique in Agile. They’re used to gather data during retrospectives and are:

  • A fun approach to mix up your team’s conversations and keep retrospectives fresh
  • A simple method for collecting numeric feedback from your team
  • A great technique to limit the focus of your team’s meeting to just a few topics
  • An easy option when you want to see agreement and disagreement on a variety of categories
  • A quick way to decide on a single topic that needs further exploration in a sticky note and column retrospective

Creating a team radar from scratch in Retrium

Creating a Team Radar from a blank canvas opens up so many possibilities for your next retrospective. You can gather numerical data exactly the way you want to keep your retrospectives interesting and engaging!

If you want to create your own unique radar retrospective, all you need to do is select the option to start from scratch without a Team Radar template at the bottom of the retrospective menu.

When you select the option to create your own Team Radar retrospective, you’ll see a blank canvas with three spokes.

The facilitator can then add labels to the three radar spokes and can add up to seven spokes with custom labels.

That’s all it takes to start a Team Radar from scratch, but you can get even more information about customizing Team Radars in our help article on this topic!

Custom team radar tips and benefits

We recommend discussing the meaning behind each label during the “Define” phase of the Team Radar retrospective to ensure all your teammates have a shared understanding before moving on to collecting responses and exploring the results.

We suggest using custom Team Radars to answer questions like:

  • How well are we living our company’s core values?
  • How are we doing with our team goals?
  • How are things going with each of our working agreements?

Team Radars in Retrium are far better than those done using flip charts and markers. Because responses can be collected at the same time, there’s no groupthink or regression to the mean, which can be common when responses are collected one at a time. This also means that responses are anonymous.

Additionally, we do all the work to plot the individual responses and calculate metrics like the average, standard deviation, and much more. This saves teams time, allowing your team to focus on discussions that generate insights and action. Customers not only love using a different retrospective format, but they also appreciate the ability to explore different perspectives quickly and efficiently.

Customizing a team radar template in Retrium

If you start with one of our Team Radar Templates, the facilitator of your team’s retrospective can now add, remove, or rename any label on a spoke before your team collects responses.

New spokes can be added to any section of the Team Radar, so you can always organize information how you like. Once the Team Radar is ready for feedback, your team can collect responses and see the results, just like with any of our Team Radar templates.

This allows your team to start with tested templates for Team Radars, while also being able to make it your own.

Want more information? Have feedback?

We’re here to help! If you have questions or feedback on this new feature or anything else, please reach out to us at

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