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Custom retrospective techniques now available in Retrium

Retrium Team

Our focus this year is to make Retrium more customizable and collaborative while maintaining the ease-of-use customers have come to expect. Customers tell us that this will drive even more engagement and fun during their Retrium retrospectives, with the goal of bringing out the voice of every participant and helping their teams discuss the most important topics.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce the release of column-based customized retrospectives, a highly requested customer feature!

This feature includes:

  • The ability to start a retrospective from scratch and create your own column-based, custom retrospective technique before you begin your team’s retrospective, and
  • The ability to adjust the name and number of columns of any of our retrospective techniques during the “thinking” phase of the retrospective, so any technique will fit with the way your team wants to brainstorm and collect information

How to create your custom retrospective technique

When facilitators begin a retrospective in Retrium, there’s now an option to create your own “custom” technique from the menu in the bottom right of the app.

When you select this option, it will open a blank canvas, where the facilitator can start from scratch and create any columns that you would like to include in your team’s retrospective. You have the choice to label each column with whatever title you’d like.

This means that Retrium can be used to gather data on any number of topics and exactly the way you want! You can mix it up and try something new to keep your retrospectives fresh and interesting.

Edit an existing retrospective by adding new column headings

If you start with one of our standard retrospective techniques, the facilitator of your team’s retrospective can now add, remove, or rename any column during the thinking phase of your retrospective.

Any new columns will be added on the right side of your screen, and you’ll be able to see the new column’s title at the top. You can then add notes within that column to share your ideas related to that item.

This allows your team to use industry best practices for retrospective, while simultaneously being able to make it your own. This extends what’s currently available in any of our techniques.

Questions about custom retrospectives?

Try a custom retrospective today! If you have questions or feedback on this new feature, please reach out to us at

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