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And...we're live!

David Horowitz

What an exciting day! The story of Retrium began almost a year ago on a park bench outside the White House in downtown Washington, DC, where Ryan and I met to talk about the difficulty in running effective distributed retrospectives. It was there that the idea for Retrium was born. Six months and many lengthy discussions at one of DC's best coffee shops later, and we decided to close our eyes and go for it.

At the time, making the decision (but, not that decision) seemed complicated, risky even. Yet the choice was also obvious: distributed retrospectives were simply broken -- and everyone we talked to, from developers at small startups to agile coaches at large Fortune 500 companies, agreed. This was a problem in need of a solution.


A product is born

And so, we jumped. There were struggles, unanticipated complications, and technical challenges. But mainly joy, fun, and a unwavering sense that we're on to something big and important. Magically, a few months later, we had more than just an idea. We had a product. We had Retrium.

By this point, we were fortunate enough to have quite a lengthy list of interested people -- Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, developers -- all of whom were chomping at the bit to see Retrium in action. And seemingly every time we demoed Retrium, the reaction was tremendously positive!

And so, based on your feedback, we feel comfortable standing behind the following bold claim:

The retrium difference


Here's why we think that's the case.

Ever want to run a variety of retrospective techniques, like Mad Sad Glad, 4Ls, and Start Stop Continue? Retrium makes that easy.

Do you need dot voting? Retrium makes that easy.

Does your team suffer from group-think? Ever wanted to give your team the opportunity to independently think through the ideas they want to share before being exposed to the ideas of their colleagues? Retrium makes that easy.

Do you want to prioritize your discussion based on your team's collective desires? Retrium makes that easy.

Onwards and upwards

But we're not done. Over the coming months, Retrium is going to get better and better.

Lean Coffee. Action Plans. Affinity Theming. Advanced Facilitator Options. And much, much more.

So check us out. Distributed retrospectives are finally receiving the attention they deserve.

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