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Clarifying Retrium's activity-based fair pricing model

David Horowitz

Our goal in regards to pricing has always been to align the price of Retrium with its value. We’ve been working closely with customers over the years to get to a sweet spot, a win-win for everyone. Based on overwhelming feedback, some time ago, we moved to activity-based pricing so that you would only be charged for team rooms in use, and last fall, we lowered the price of Retrium from $49 to $29 per active team room, per month.

Despite the fact that the response to these changes was tremendously positive, there has been quite a bit of confusion around how we bill, what teams were included on a particular charge, and what constitutes an active team room. We wanted to take action to resolve these problems because we recognize that clarity around billing is essential.

As of February 18th, 2019, we’ll be making changes to our pricing model to make it easier to understand and more transparent. Not to worry! The cost of Retrium will remain $29 per team room, per month. Here’s a rundown of the adjustments:

  • The definition of an activated team room is any team room within an organization that is available for retrospective at any point during your billing month and you are charged for each activated team room within your account
  • There will now be a simple way for administrators of a Retrium account to deactivate a team room, so it’s easier to control the cost of our service
  • We will now bill for the upcoming month of service instead of billing in arrears

We will follow up with each of our current customers individually to help them understand which of their team rooms are currently activated, how to deactivate a team room if they would like, and the transition of their account to upfront billing. Please be on the lookout for those emails in the coming weeks.

We hope this makes our fair pricing model easy to understand and even easier to manage. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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