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Saving Just 30 Mins In Productivity More than Pays for Retrium

Math is Simple 50000/52/50 * 5 < Cost of Retrium

How many people are on your team?

What is the avg salary of a person on your team?

If your retrospectives lead to just 30 minutes of increased productivity each month for the 5 people on your team, you'd save over $60 every single month! And, oh yeah, that's after subtracting the cost of your Retrium subscription.

Time savings due to increased productivity (per team member)

  • Retrium subscription cost
  • Value of productivity gains ($/mo)

How did we arrive at these numbers?

It's all about the time-value of money. Your time is valuable, and while it's hard to assign a monetary value to your time in your personal life, in your professional life it's easy! Let's say you wanted to calculate the dollar value of an hour of your time at work. Simply take your annual salary, divide it by the number of weeks in a year, and divide that by the number of hours you work each week. For example, if you make $50,000 / year, your effective hourly rate is just over $24 (50,000 / 52 / 40).

Now, imagine you work in a team of 5 and everyone on your team makes the same $50,000 salary. The dollar value of an hour of your team's time is equal to $24 * 5, or around $120.So how does that relate to Retrium? Well, Retrium makes your team's retrospectives easy and effective. And good retrospectives lead to clear continuous improvement and productivity gains. Let's go back to that 5-person team and imagine that your latest Retrium-powered retrospective led to a suggestion that saved everyone on your team just a single hour of time. We now know that the dollar value of that time is $120. Since Retrium costs just $25/month for a 5-person team, you've just saved $95!Think that's cool? Just wait until you tell your boss!

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