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Retrium Maintains Psychological Safety and Team Trust in Retrospectives

While fun and engaging retrospectives create team commerderie, psychological safety is essential for an effective meeting. Continuous, actionable learning helps most when people feel comfortable sharing what they’ve learned and suggesting ideas for improvement. Retrium was designed with psychological safety in mind.

Our product provides sophisticated anonymity capabilities, so you can see that everyone is sharing ideas or voting, but no one can track specific information back to an individual. Additionally, because you can control the security settings for your team, you’ll always know who is present in your meeting and who can view the topics discussed in previous retrospectives. 

Feedback from our customers has shown that many teams felt that they already had great communication before they tried Retrium, yet after using our product, team members felt significantly more comfortable speaking up and sharing feedback. Additionally, Retrium-powered retrospectives resulted in more diverse and deeper conversations during meetings.

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