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Retrospectives are hard to get right. That's why we interviewed 21 agile experts: what's the #1 thing you do to make your retrospectives successful?
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From agile Coach Interviews to Top Execs Tips: Here are the experts you'll hear from...

AgileBill Krebs

Agile Coach at TEKsystems

5 Rules for Distributed Retrospectives

"Many are used to doing retrospectives face-to-face. Low technology tools such as Post-It notes are used to good effect. As teams shift to a primarily distributed format, new tools and approaches become important...

George Dinwiddie

Owner at iDIA Computing, LLC

Dig Deeper and Don't Settle for the Obvious

"The heart of most continual improvement programs is the periodic retrospective. Often I see teams focused on their obvious problems...

Jim Benson

Founding Partner at Modus Institute

Seek Clarity Not Bureaucracy

"The rituals in our retrospectives often create a quick death of thought. We often enter the retrospective with a format: What went well | What went poorly | What could be improved. Three important questions, sure...

Kane Mar

Founder, Agile and Scrum Trainer at Scrumology Pty Ltd

The Importance of Regular Retrospectives

"Having a Retrospective at the end of each and every Sprint, forces the team to reflect on their behaviour, teamwork, and output during the Sprint. Without a regular Retrospective, teams can avoid difficult topics or behaviours...

Mario Lucero

Enterprise agile Coach at Hublance

The Time Machine

Considering that many issues are systemic, it means you will find them again and again I have prepared this great exercise called The Time Machine...

Susan DiFabio

Agile Coach at Susan K DiFabio Consulting LLC


"What is my favorite retrospective facilitation technique? That's tough – there are so many good ones, but there is one that stands out as being simple to facilitate, yet powerful in effect. It is the Appreciation...

Andreas Schliep

Executive Partner at DasScrumTeam AG

The Time-Box and When to Neglect it

"All workshop facilitators have faced moments when they felt unsure whether to stick to the agreed schedule or extend a meeting, workshop or other activity...

Guilherme Motta

Agile Coach        

People Awareness Make Better Retrospectives

"Have it clear what is the focus of this specific retro, how this specific retrospective connects back to the objectives and values of that group...

Jim York

Agile Coach at FoxHedge Ltd

An Argument For a Look Ahead

"Retrospectives are great, no doubt about it. Retrospectives, along with the experiences that we are retrospecting, are the fuel for our future improvement. But what about when we are just starting out?

Lisette Sutherland

Director at Collaboration Superpowers!

How to Run Amazing Virtual Retrospectives

"Co-located teams get continuous feedback because they are together a lot. Virtual teams need continuous feedback too. One way to create a feedback loop on remote teams is by hosting regular retrospectives...

Mark Kilby

Enterprise Agile Coach at Sonatype

Pairing for Connection in Distributed Retrospectives

"In our distributed retrospectives, one of our biggest challenges is to make sure everyone is connected in the retrospective. Can everyone equally jump into the conversation?

Ben Linders

Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean,
Quality and Continuous Improvement

Vital Few Actions: Getting Things Done with Retrospectives

"The aim of an agile retrospective is to define actions for the next iteration that improve the way of working and help teams to deliver more value to their customers...

Hugo Messer

Co-Founder at Ekipa

How To Run Productive Intercultural, Distributed Retrospectives

"Many teams have people working from different locations. Oftentimes, teams are completely distributed, with team members from different cultures. This poses challenges...

Johanna Rothman

Owner at Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Perform Management Retrospectives

"When we consider retrospectives, we most often think of teams and what they can learn from the previous chunk of time or activities. That's great. It's not enough...

Luis Gonçalves

Agile Coach, Author, and Managing Director at Oikosofy

The Top 4 Ways to Followup on Your Retrospectives

When I was asked for my best tip that leads to effective retrospectives, my mind immediately turned to the best way to follow through on your retrospective promises. There are four different techniques that I'd like to share...

Oluf Nissen

Software Design Engineer at Hewlett-Packard

Good Retrospective Facilitators Act Like Designers

Starting out as a retrospective facilitator can be daunting. What if the team doesn't engage? What if my facilitation doesn't work? How would I deal with tough interpersonal dynamics that might surface?

AgileBill Krebs

Partner at Malther Consulting aps

The Importance of Dwelling on What Actually Happened

"In my experience, the focus on spending enough (and exactly sufficient) time on “gathering data” and “generating insight” is the most challenging part of retrospectives - to gather sufficient data on what happened and discuss it...

Jesse Fewell

Principal at Alacrity Consulting LLC

Stuck in a Rut? Use an Impediments Backlog.

"Impediments are are everywhere and they are often invisible. We know the agile mindset is one of aggressive, continuous improvement. But how?

Jutta Eckstein

Owner, Independent Coach, Consultant, and Trainer at IT communication

Get Everyone Involved

"Every so often people are asking me how they can ensure that not always the same people contribute and that every participant of a retrospective is engaged. The drawbacks of the non-engagement are obvious...

Mandy Ross

Director of Marketing & Agile Practices at Sococo

How to Manage the Dreaded ...Awkward Silence...

"Being spontaneously honest and articulate at the same time is difficult, especially for introverts. It's no secret that software engineers tend to lean toward that part of the personality spectrum...

Phil Bowker

Scrum Master at M-Team

Use the Ice Breaker to Overcome Resistance

"Team members inexperienced in Agile often see the retrospective as the least meaningful of the Scrum ceremonies. To help overcome this there's a simple technique a facilitator can use to engage the participants' attention: the ice-breaker...

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