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“My team doesn't participate”

Novel insights can only be found when teams have difficult, yet important conversations based in psychological safety and trust. Retrium enables the voice of everyone in the room to be heard, so one perspective don't dominate the conversation.

“My team is

Meetings are impossible to follow when teams don't have a dedicated space to collect and share feedback. Retrium is a tool where everyone on your team can participate in a real-time, collaborative meeting, regardless of location.

“We focus on the wrong topics”

Without having a well-facilitated meeting, a retrospective can go off in the wrong direction and never get to what matters. Retrium helps you structure your team's meeting using industry-proven best practices, regardless of your experience with retros.

“My retros are

Teams have way too many monotonous meetings already, and this can easily lower happiness and morale. With Retrium, you have so many options for retrospectives that the meeting possibilities are endless. Your team will be engaged from start to finish.

“Nothing changes anyway...”

If nothing ever changes after retrospective meetings, teams are more likely to treat them as a "check-the-box" activity or something they just have to get through. Retrium not only helps you determine what to do, but we also ensure your team gets real results.

“My team wants to skip them!”

Consistent retrospectives lead to better quality, lower team turnover, improve customer satisfaction, and boost team productivity. Retrium makes retrospectives so easy and fun that your team will actually look forward to participating in them.

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