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Scrum Master

You Can’t Be a True Scrum Master With Only a Certificate Or Training

I still knew nothing about Scrum. I didn’t realize a Scrum Master isn’t the same as a Project Manager. I managed to pass the assessment by memorizing the Scrum Guide. Luckily I didn’t get a Scrum Master role back then. I would have filled the role to the best of my abilities, but I’d most certainly end up being a Project Manager in disguise.

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7 keys to forging an effective agile team-leader partnership

People in the agile community often talk about the role leaders must play in creating the necessary ecosystem that will result in a high-performing agile team. But it's just as important for team members to take the right stance with their leadership partners in the business.

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Scrum Best Practices


Scrum lays out a collection of straightforward ideas and processes, that are very straightforward to comply with and get measurable outcomes. Not solely does the frequency and velocity of product supply enhance, however altering necessities are additionally accommodated—an crucial within the present unstable market situations the place to be rigid means to be left behind.

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Psychological Safety

Celebrating Errors Creates Psychological Safety In The Workplace

Celebration of Errors (CoE) is a practice that can turn individual failures into business success, and more importantly: a psychologically safe workplace. When you create a safe psychological environment for employees, you set yourself up for business success, by reducing problem avoidance, accelerating trouble shooting, and increasing innovation.

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Agile At Scale

How To Manage Growing Pains During Rapid Team Growth

What once was a small office of 10 people has expanded to 200, and with that comes a whole lot of adjusting. While growth is great, not everything is sunshine and roses. We call these tough adjustments “growing pains,” and they can throw your business way off its trajectory if you aren’t prepared to face them.

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In an era where companies are paying more and more attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), inclusion remains the most difficult metric to track. From new research, Gartner developed the Gartner Inclusion Index to measure what true inclusion looks like

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psychological safety

3 ways to create psychological safety for yourself when dealing with an unpredictable or difficult boss

If you feel unheard, or undervalued at work, there are ways to protect your psychological safety.

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14 ‘Soft’ Skills Every Expert Communicator Needs To Hone

While there are many different types of skills to look for in a potential communications team member, some can’t be taught in a classroom or through training. So-called “soft” skills, including critical thinking, empathy, creativity and general “people” skills, are essential to healthy collaboration. They help teams achieve great things together.

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