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Retrium Agile Roundup


An Inside Look at One Bank’s Agile Marketing Transformation

The 4th Annual State of Agile Marketing Report revealed that 18% of marketers employed in the financial sector have adopted one or more Agile frameworks, and M&T Bank Corporation is among that pioneering group.

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How to Spot the Warning Signs of an Insecure Leader (And How to Work With One)

We humans aren’t very good at assessing true leadership qualities and gravitate towards arrogant confidence in those in charge. Unfortunately, that is often a sign of weakness and the fallout can be tough on teams.

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5 Takeaways From Recent Agile and Devops Reports

See how your team compares to other companies using agile and devops effectively.

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4 Secrets to Build a Strong Coaching Culture Within Your Organization

According to a 2020 survey conducted globally by ICF International coaching federation it is estimated that there were approximately 71 000 coach practitioners in 2019 an increase of 33 on the 2015 estimate This definitely emphasizes that there is a growing need of more coaches than ever before.

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The 30 Best Bits of Startup Advice We’ve Heard on Our Podcast (So Far)

As our new podcast crosses the 30-episode mark, we've listened back to each one and plucked out our favorite pieces of advice shared by startup leaders at companies like Notion, Lambda School, Plaid, and Segment.

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agile transformation

How to Start Scrum With More Than 100 People

Adopting an agile mindset and beginning with Scrum can be scary and daunting. Getting started with Scrum brings many challenges.

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agile transformations

How CEOs Can “Reset” Their Business By Building An Agile Workforce

Workforce agility can only start once executives understand their people as deeply as they understand their customers, competitors and market drivers.

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In-office, Hybrid, and Remote Teams

Three Must-Do’s for CIOs When Agile Meets Hybrid Work

For nearly two decades, agile software development has been a recognized approach for maximizing team efficiency and production.

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