Agile Retrospective Report Released (First Annual)

Erika Brooks

Findings highlight the opportunity for agile retrospectives

ORLANDO, FL - August 7, 2017 - Retrium, the world’s first and only enterprise-ready agile retrospective platform, today announced the release of the first Annual Agile Retrospective Report from the Agile2017 Conference. The first survey of its kind, the Annual Agile Retrospective Report sheds light on how agile team members around the world are using retrospectives, the benefits they realize, the challenges they overcome and the opportunity for retrospectives to help drive teams’ continuous improvement.

The first Annual Agile Retrospective Report reveals:

  • Distributed teams need digital retrospective - only 11% of respondents indicated everyone in the company works form the same office. However, teams most commonly rely on sticky notes (58%*) and white boards (55%*) for their retrospectives.
  • Retrospective adoption is dependent on key characteristics - The likelihood of teams hosting regular retrospectives within an organization is strongly tied to teams’ feeling empowered to solve their own problems (79%*) and the organization being open to feedback (77%*).
  • Communication and safety are disconnected - While 85% of responses pointed to improved team communication as a benefit of retrospectives, respondents also indicated that people not feeling comfortable speaking up is a challenge for retrospectives (44%).

*Multiple selections allowed as response

The full Annual Agile Retrospective Report can be downloaded at here.

About the Annual Agile Retrospective Report

The first Annual Agile Retrospective Report was conducted between March and April, 2017. Sponsored by Retrium, the survey invited individuals from a broad range of industries, job titles, ages and agile maturity, and was promoted well beyond Retrium’s customer base through social media. Over 275 responses were collected to shed light on how agile team members around the world are using retrospectives to drive continuous improvement.

About Retrium

Retrium is the only enterprise-ready solution for agile retrospectives. With 16,000 retrospectives performed using the platform to-date, Retrium has quickly become the standard among leading agile organizations, including GE Healthcare, Navis, PointClickCare, and Ticketmaster. For more information about Retrium, please visit

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