Chris Hefley and Niki Kohari, Agile Industry Veterans, join Retrium

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Hefley joins as CRO with Kohari taking the COO position

SILVER SPRING, Md., June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Retrium, the world's first and only enterprise-ready agile retrospective platform, today announced two additions to the company's executive team. Agile industry veterans Chris Hefley and Niki Kohari bring their combined 26 years of experience in agile transformation and software development to Retrium as CRO and COO, respectively.

"What we're learning is that even companies that are running retrospectives correctly are not unleashing the full potential of their teams," said Retrium CEO David Horowitz. "Retrium helps overcome the challenges and obstacles most commonly preventing full productivity, and the addition of Chris and Niki to the team points to the value we're delivering to agile teams."


Chris Hefley is a software developer turned entrepreneur. In 2009, he co-founded LeanKit, the leader in enterprise Lean/Kanban tooling, and was the CEO there until 2016. Hefley joined Retrium officially last month as chief revenue officer, but has been involved with the company since it launched in 2015 as both an advisor for the team and an early investor.


Niki Kohari is an executive coach and serial entrepreneur. Former vice president of operations at Adzerk, Kohari also co-founded both AgileZen, which was acquired by Rally Software in March 2010, and task management and collaboration platform TaskTorch. Kohari joined Retrium in late 2016 to guide the expanding operations needs of the growing company.

"While Ryan (Detweiler, co-founder and CTO) and I have made significant headway in improving the way teams conduct retrospectives, there is still a lot of work to do," continued Horowitz. "Retrium's strong growth, unique position in the market and vision for the future is helping us attract top talent. Having Chris and Niki on board to help guide and influence the enhancements we make to the Retrium platform will be invaluable."

Earlier this month, Retrium announced that it had closed over one million dollars in funding which would be used, in part, to grow the team.

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